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July 28 & 29, 2018 at the Long Beach Convention Center
Midsummer Scream

Contact us at creepyla @ gmail . com.

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July 29 and 30, 2017

Haunted Attractions and Experiences

Immersive Experiences, VR, Escape Rooms, and more

Booth 268: A new kind of virtual experience on the Oculus Rift for haunt scares in the safety and comfort of your own ho...
Booth #144: Once a scenic excursion through beloved children's tales, this ride is now definitely not for kids.
A reoccurring and non-recurring empirical analysis of experience from the interior of one alighting upon another.
Booth 217: This 10 minute long escape game is for 2 people. Not recommended for those who are claustrophobic!
Booth #564: Assist the Order of Bileth as they try to capture a creature let loose upon the convention.
Booth #464: Test your aim to take out aliens and win prizes in this modern, interactive take on the shooting range.
Booth #140: Undergo a sensory-deprivation process to help search for a missing girl who can only be found through dreams...
Booth #258: The mobile version of Anaheim's "The Cromwell Estate" escape room.
Avoid a global disaster in this escape room by stabilizing a chemical bomb that will soon explode. Located in the lobby.
Booth #528: An extreme horror experience were guest, entering alone, choose a corpse and discover how that person died.
Midsummer Scream: The Game! is a free browser-based activity for you to play on your phone while exploring all that Mids...

Haunted Attractions within the Hall of Shadows

Old cemetery. Creepy background.

Hall of Shadows Entryway by CalHauntS

Pass through the gothic gates of a spooky old cemetery inspired by the tale of Sleepy Hollow. This portal into the Hall of Shadows is where spirits dwell, fog caresses age-old grave markers, and the legend of the Headless Horseman has never felt so real! Created by CalHauntS, an extremely talented group of Halloween enthusiasts based in Southern California, this elaborate point of entry sets the mood perfectly for the thrills and chills ahead.

Little Red Riding Hood

Phobia Productions presents: Grimm’s Hallow

Just when you thought it was safe to read old fairy tales… Come face the fears of the Old World. Monsters, nightmares, and childhood terrors wait around every corner. Heed what the storyteller says, or you may never return from Grimm’s Hallow!


Opechee Haunt’s Apparition Adventure: Terror Twins

Follow in the footsteps of the Specter Inspectors paranormal investigation team as you venture through the historically haunted Edwards Family Home. There are many secrets in this house; some are meant to be left undiscovered…


Haunted Rose presents: The Maritime Horror

The Haunted Rose presents another chapter of H.P. Lovecraft-inspired horror. Enter the seaport village of Innsmouth, where something sinister is lurking beyond the shadows. Discover the long-kept secret of the Marsh family, and see if you can escape its lure.


Gorlesque presents: Peep Show

The twisted minds behind The Weltschmerz Society return to Midsummer Scream with a bizarre showcase featuring the kind of lovelies Dr. Weltschmerz obsessed over. Because of the event’s multiple options for each presentation, guests are encouraged to return again and again to see them all!


Higgins Manor

The walls of the Higgins estate have grown cold and silent since the disappearance of William P. Higgins III. But evil still resides inside his crumbling manor. There’s a suspected traitor… and his vicious henchmen are looking for answers.


Terror Trucks: Cold Storage

Can you escape frozen zombies before the freezing temperatures turn you numb?

DZ child photo

Dead Zone 805

You are part of a special crime unit sent to investigate the work shed of a suspected killer. Once inside, you discover much more than you ever could have imagined! You think you’ve seen it all? Think again.


The Fleshyard

It is the year 2320. Welcome aboard the USS Abyssma! As security detail for the Nexus Science Research Station located on Kepler Prime, your journey through interstellar space starts now. Using the Alcubierre warp drive, your trip will take approximately 9 months. 24th century world-class amenities await you, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight!

Hyde Street

Hyde Street Massacre

The Hyde Street Massacre Haunted House is what your worst nightmares are made of. Go ahead and take a step through the doors of this nightmare-induced fright house… The only question is, will you survive the massacre? You’ll quickly realize the challenge you have accepted may be your last. You will then be lost within the haunting walls of Otis Hatcher’s killing chambers; a man so obsessed with Halloween, he lost his mind and became an infamous serial killer. It was a very bloody night.


Unhallowed presents: The Last of Man

Gain access to an abandoned facility that once was home to a government project known as “The Last of Man”. It is believed that an airborne virus is still trapped inside…

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 11.09.50 AM

Immersive Parties’ MAC: Mutation Analysis Center

Enter this facility and encounter mutations of the undead. The zombie apocalypse is over, and all that is left are the experimental test subjects that now occupy this bizarre Mutation Analysis Center. Do you dare enter?


Mable’s 6 Feet Under

Motel 6 Feet Under “Scream Tests” are happening in the Hall of Shadows… Except this year, our little Mable will be waiting for you! Yes, it’s true – Mable has taken over the motel. And she is ready to squeeze the life out of the party. It’s Mable’s Motel now. Check in. Then get lost.

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