Panels & Presentations Schedule
July 30 & 31, 2016
Long Beach Convention Center

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Saturday, July 30

  • Nothing to show.

Sunday, July 31

  • Spooky Science

    Sunday, 11:30 am Participants Ben Dickow, Columbia Memorial Space Center

    See the science of a bleeding pumpkin! Witness the chemistry of disappearing ghost writing! Thrill to the creeps of invisible worms! These and more are presented for your wonder and edification as the Columbia Memorial Space Center melds science with spooks for this Halloween season! Our scientists have never been so mad!
  • The Grandeur of DELUSION

    Sunday, 1:00 pm Participants Ian Momii, Jackie Kreterfield, Jon Braver, Kevin Williams, Niyia Mack, Sean Decker, Victor Mathieu

    Midsummer Scream invites you to meet the visionary team behind one of the most gripping, innovative theatrical experiences in the world: DELUSION. Creator Jon Braver will be joined on stage by fellow team members Jackie Kreterfield (Producer), Niyia Mack (Producer), Victor Mathieu (Creative Supervisor/Assistant Director), Kevin Williams (Production Designer), and Ian Momii (Lighting Designer) to...
  • Return Home: An Interactive Live Performance

    Sunday, 2:30 pm

    Continuing the story of Return Home, the serialized audio drama, join Jonathan, Buddy, and Ami as they attend a Melancholy Falls city council meeting in their never-ending quest to ‘find the weird’. Of course, all manner of things that go bump in the night are sure to make an appearance. And as opposed to just...
  • Spirits with Spirits: Haunted Bars of Southern California

    Sunday, 2:30 pm Participants Kimberly Christine, Marla Brooks, Richard Carradine, Robert George Allen, Scott Michaels, The Ghost Hunters of Urban Los Angeles

    Ghost story experts discuss their personal encounters with the supernatural at local watering holes. Presented by GHOULA (the Ghost Hunters of Urban Los Angeles).
  • Blumhouse.com Presents Creepy Pastas, Urban Legends, and Ghost Stories

    Sunday, 3:30 pm Participants Blumhouse, Gregory Burkart, John Humphrey, Stephen Johnson

    The phenomena of urban legends, creepypasta, regional folklore, paranormal investigations, macabre news and much more.
  • Terror Behind the Camera: Fan-Made Films

    Sunday, 4:00 pm Participants James H. Carter II, Kohl Bladen, Norman Gidney

    A sneak peek of two upcoming fan films: "Foolish Mortals," a documentary about The Haunted Mansion, and "The Night Evil Died," an unofficial "Halloween" sequel
  • Baring Your Soul: Actors Behind the Screams

    Sunday, 4:00 pm Participants Abel Horwitz, Ben Marsh, Dasha Kittridge, Hannah Kaplan, Jana Weimer

    Actors who work in different forms of dark entertainment - haunted attractions, extreme haunts, escape rooms, and more - discuss the different techniques and styles each performance requires to properly scare.
  • Virtual Terror: VR Tech and the Horror Industry

    Sunday, 5:30 pm Participants Dread Central, Jill Killington, Jon Condit, Josh Randall, Michael Dykier, Robert Sexton, Robyn Tong Gray

    Used by architects, theme park designers, and video game developers, virtual reality is an impressive tool that allows users to experience places and situations that they normally never would. The horror industry has taken notice of VR applications such as Oculus Rift, incorporating high-tech digital terror into haunts, movie promos, and location-based entertainment.  Join Dread...

Additional panels and presentations to be announced! Detailed schedule with times will be released closer to the event. Schedule subject to change.