Steve Kullback is a visual effects producer and six time Emmy winner for his work on HBO’s fantasy hit series Game of Thrones. He’s been a dragon stand in, worn the green-screen suit and is the name sake for Mance Rayder’s wildling manservant at the battle of Castle Black. “Kullback, can you get us something to eat…”

But this wasn’t Steve’s first on camera shout out. “Kullback” was the bully in Are You Afraid of the Dark’s “Tale of the Curious Camera,” where Steve was the Visual Effects Supervisor on 52 episodes of The SNICK classic. The target of Kullback’s bullying finally works up the nerve to say “Kullback, you’re a real butthead.”  

Steve’s less celebrated work includes 2012, Yogi Bear, Wanted, Talladega Nights, Zathura, Blade Trinity and Elf. Are You Afraid of the Dark was his first TV show followed by Weird Science, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Flight 29 Down, Friends, ER, Frasier, House and Battlestar Galactica for which he received an Emmy nomination.