Midsummer Scream 2020 will features over 300 spooky exhibitors and vendors. From horror collectibles, to props and effects for haunted attractions, to gothic apparel, and more, our show floor will offer the most exhaustive spooky shopping experience ever!

2nd to none tattoo studio
4th Horseman
7 Hells: The Retro Horror Art of Bill Rude
8631 Adornments
A3 Publishing
Aaron Alexovich
Abnormal Artistry
Aidan Casserly
Amby Scissorhands
Andy Sciazko Art
Area 90 Art
Art of K. Howell
Art of Rhode Montijo
Art’s Sideshow
Artist Abe
Asylum Zone
Austin Pardun
Aztec Death Whistles
B-Movie TV
Baba Yaga Balenciaga
Backstitch Bruja
Bat in Your Belfry
Ben Russel, Artist & Illustrator
Bentcirkus Artistry
Bespoke Gifts Studio
Best Little Horror House
Bestias y Leyendas
Bewitched Wicker
Bhoneyard/Petals & Poison
Big Scary Show
Black Lake Witch
Black Willow Gallery
BlackCraft Cult
Blackened Art and Design
Blast From The Past
Blood and Teeth
Bloodbath Products
Bloodsucka Jones
Bone Yard Effects
Brit Austin Illustration
Brittnee Braun Designs
Bronsons shop of horror
Bun In the Coven
Buster Balloon
Calaveras y Diablitos
Calico Ghost Tours
Caninus Collars
Captured Aural Phantasy Theatre
Carrie Anne Hudson Art
Castle Dark/ Castle Park
Cheltenham Road
Chris and Jane’s Place Zombie Gnomes
Citrus Atelier
Cliff World
Coffin Croozers
Composite Effects (CFX)
Confessions of a Zombie Killer Clothing
Creep It Real OC
CreepIE Con
Cross Roads Escape Games
Cult Horror Social Club
Cursed Creatures
D. Silva Designs
Dani’s Spooky Treats
Dark Delicacies
Dark Parks Books & Collectibles
Dark to Decor
Dead Girl Designz
Deadly Sweet
Demonic Pinfestation
Dirty Lola
Discount Cemetery
disjointed JOY
Diva Dreads
Double Trouble Apparel
Dread Central Media LLC
DRKLGHT Clothing
Dulce Calaveritas
EctoXo (We Simply Rule)
Edge of the World Art – Rachel Walker
Embrace the Weird
Eric Calvillo
Escapade Games
Escential Resources FX
Eyeball Productions
Fabulous Frights
Fancy Fruits
Fantastic Terrors Poe Show
Fearsome Figures
Feral Cat Candles
Fester’s monster shop
Fiat Lux Illustration
Fiendish Thingies
Floating Eye Films
Fog it Up!
Force of Nature Productions
Forever Midnight
Frau Sakra’s Pit of Ink
Freaking Ding Bat
Frida Cinema
Frightful Fox Productions
Froggy’s Fog

Full Moon Features
Funeral Classics
FX Faces
Gashly Tentacles
Ghoulish Bunny Studios
Ghoulish Productions
Ginnakae Illustration
Gloomy Cottage
Gravehearts Design
Grimm Life Collective
Halloween Horror Nights
Hart & Horn
Hatbox Photography
Haunted Harvest Novelties
Haunted Manor Boutique
Haunted Memories
Haunted Orange County
Hayden Evans Art
Hayes Haunt
Hellflower Soap Company
Hero Complex Gallery
High Desert Haunted House
Hilary’s Vanity
Hollow Medium
Holy Hangman
Horror Lashes
Horror Writers Association
Hot Wire Foam Factory
HumAlong Productions
Icky Pop
IHA – Vintage Hallowe’en
Imaginerick Studio
Immortal Masks
Inferno Effects
Insane Haunt Productions
It’s Always Halloween
Jenna Sparks
Jessi Hardesty
Jody Steele
Julio the Monster / Golden Daggers Tattoo
Justin Robinson
Killer Art by Robbie Rittenhouse
Kira’s Lil Shop Of Horror
Kneehigh Horror
Kreepsville 666
Kyla’s Keepsakes
La Chica Arte
LA Haunted Hayride
Lab Reject Studios
Le Bownitte by Beatrice
Leigh Purtill Ballet Company
lil miss oddities
Little Haus of Horrors
Little Munsters BOOtique
Little Rascals Pumpkin Patch and Haunted House
Little Shop of Gore
Little Shop of Hairdos
Local Boogeyman
Los Angeles Ghostbusters
Love Pain and Stitches
Lucky Hellcat Art
Lunas Sweets and Treats
M&M Bath & Body
Madame Whiskers
Madness Monsters
Maggie Love Was Here
Magic Wheelchair
Mama Dog Collars
Mamas y Papas
Mary Syring
Matt Makes Zac Watch Horror Movies
Me Shell Graphics
Memento Mori (Sunset/Echo Park shop)
Memento Mori Goods
Mia’s Monster Mash Wigs
Midsummer Scream
Misfits of Halloween
MM Fabrications
Moldy Creations
Monster Creations
Monster Elementary
Monster Island
Monster Plushies
Monster Posse
Monster Tease
Mood Poison
Morbid Empire Merchandise
Morbid Kulture
Morbid Visionz
Mortus Viventi
Mr. Chicken’s Prop Shop
Mystic Dylan & The Olde World Emporium
Mystic Museum
Mythical Morgue
Napa City Ghosts & Legends
Nelson Cooper Design
Nerd Mafia
NetherCraft / Post Mortem Horror Bootique
Nevermore Enterprises
New Rule Productions
Nightmare Toys
Nocturnal DesignZ
Obscura Exports
Oddball Books

One Man Riet
Other Realm Designs
Painted Points
Pallbearer Press
papermoon gallery
Peepshow Menagerie
Philip Friedman
Pinhead Monsters
Pinky Star
Plague Rat Products
Planet Paranormal
Poltergeists & Paramours
Poppy Hollow
Project13 Creatures
Purgatory candle
Rags to Witches
Randomland Adventures with Justin Scarred
Real Family Adventures and Memories
Reign of Terror
Reynolds Advanced Materials
Rock & Refresh / Cruzco Concepts, LLC
Rock N Horror Apparel
Rock Rebel
Runaway Productions
Samhain Customs
Sanatorium Emporium
Sapphire Sandalo
Save the Panduhs
Scare Tours
Scary Tales Publishing
Screamfest Horror Film Festival
Se7en Deadly
Seaside Spooks
Serpentine Clothing
Severin Films
Sex and Monsters
Shades of Vanity Art
Shapecarver Studios
ShellHawk’s Creations
Sick Soaps
Sin City Props
Sinister Dollz
Skeletal Corpse LLC
Skelly Paper Co
Skully Bunnies
Slasher Energy Drink
Slevin Mors
Small Town Weirdo
SoCal Valley Haunters
Spectral Illusions
Spicy Donut
Spitfire Interiors
Steam Crow’s Monster Rangers
Steeling Pompeii
Stephies Doodles
Steve Minty
Sweet Midnight LLC
Sweet Siren
Syren’s Lair
Tales from the Boo Crew
Tee No Evil
That Creepy Cool Kid presents Circus of Nightmares
The Art of Jordan Monsell
The Art of Rizzo Michelle
The Art of Sam B.
The Art Of Sammy Ruiz
The Art of Sketch
The Bleach Cafe
The Bloody Syringe
The Contrary Dame Jewelry and Accessories
The Crafter Squad
The Fiends
The Fine Art of Kurtis Rykovich
The Halloween Shirt Company
The Hornsmythe
The Horror Corner
The Mystery Co.
The Oblong Box Shop
The Past You’ve Never Seen
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
The Zombie Factory
Thom Foolery
Tiki Farm
Toivos Good Wood
Tom Devlin’s Monster Museum
Topher Adam Backdrops
Trick or Treat Studios
Tyrannical Piratical Treasures
Vampyre Cosmetics LLC
Velvet Apparition
Vera’s Eyecandy
VIP Carvings
Vukusich Illustration
Wallbreaker Comics
Warlord Clothing
Wax Moon
West Coast Coffins
Western Evil
Western Video Ent
Wicked Moon Creations
Wild Bill’s Olde Fashioned Soda Pop Co.
WNUF Halloween Special
Working Class Punx
Worst Ever Productions
Yesterdays Enamel Pins