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July 30 & 31, 2016
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The Hall of Shadows is a collection of walk thru haunted attractions and interactive experiences right on the Midsummer Scream showfloor. Larry Bones and Bone Yard FX is designing a scare zone that leads into this area, showcasing the talents of home and pro haunters from throughout Southern California.

If you’re a designer looking to showcase your talents, a haunted attraction looking for exposure, or a home haunter who just loves to show off what you do, consider bringing an attraction to Midsummer Scream!

Fill out the form to the right and we’ll be in touch – if not all info is available, please fill in what you can.

Please also review the following information:

  • Any experience/attraction must be pre-built/fabricated and arrive ready to install on site (all sawing and painting must be completed before arrival).
  • Installation dates will be July 28 and 29, and breakdown must be completed the evening of July 31 after the show floor closes.
  • There is no cost to submit a proposal. Potential costs for installation, floor space, and power will be discussed after a review of your proposal.
  • All exhibitors are responsible for observing and following all national, state, and local laws and policies.
  • All booths and tables are required to be manned and operated for all public hours of the event and may incur a penalty for failing to respect this guideline.
  • Exhibitor is responsible for any and all costs for damage to the Long Beach Convention Center and may be required to provide a safety deposit.
  • Please direct any follow up questions or other queries to david at midsummerscream dot org.

Thanks for your interest in Midsummer Scream!

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