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July 30 & 31, 2016
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The Hall of Shadows is a collection of walk thru haunted attractions and interactive experiences right on the Midsummer Scream showfloor. Larry Bones and Bone Yard FX is designing a scare zone that leads into this area, showcasing the talents of home and pro haunters from throughout Southern California.

If you’re a designer looking to showcase your talents, a haunted attraction looking for exposure, or a home haunter who just loves to show off what you do, consider bringing an attraction to Midsummer Scream!

Fill out the form to the right and we’ll be in touch – if not all info is available, please fill in what you can.

Please also review the following information:

  • Any experience/attraction must be pre-built/fabricated and arrive ready to install on site (all sawing and painting must be completed before arrival).
  • Installation dates will be July 28 and 29, and breakdown must be completed the evening of July 31 after the show floor closes.
  • There is no cost to submit a proposal. Potential costs for installation, floor space, and power will be discussed after a review of your proposal.
  • All exhibitors are responsible for observing and following all national, state, and local laws and policies.
  • All booths and tables are required to be manned and operated for all public hours of the event and may incur a penalty for failing to respect this guideline.
  • Exhibitor is responsible for any and all costs for damage to the Long Beach Convention Center and may be required to provide a safety deposit.
  • Please direct any follow up questions or other queries to david at midsummerscream dot org.

Thanks for your interest in Midsummer Scream!

On site experience registration
As it would be listed on the Midsummer Scream program and promotions.
What type of experience is this?
Ie, 20'x20'.
(Any set up must take place between Aug. 1-2.)
(Breakdown must take place on Aug. 4 from 6pm-11:59pm).
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