Captured Aural Phantasy Theater presents “Tales from the Crypt” – Live! Before slasher movies and tortured gore there were horror comics and “Tales from the Crypt” led the way with artwork so good and stories so scary that the US Senate nearly shut them down in the early 1950’s. Captured Aural Phantasy Theater is the only group in the world authorized to bring these legendary comics to life on stage through its unique, multi-media live performance style.

Throughout the Mid-summer Scream weekend, Captured Aural Phantasy Theater will be hosting the events in the Screaming Room, performing haunted tales between featured presentations and keeping the live frights flowing.

Captured Aural Phantasy Theater has been performing, and getting rave reviews, around Los Angeles for over 8 years. We combine the art, drama and comedy of a vintage radio program with the live entertainment of a variety show. Our retro-influenced shows feature real cultural artifacts of Americana interpreted for 21st-Century audiences. In Captured Aural Phantasy Theater’s signature show format, pop culture nuggets from comics to cartoons, are performed in the style of a classic radio program along with musical acts, projected art and comedic bits. Captured Aural Phantasy Theater is what would happen if Garrison Keilor, John Waters and Stan Lee all hooked up after a night of hard partying.