Since 2012, the denizens of the underground Earbud Theater Lair have been delivering strange sonic tales of monsters, aliens, and the terror that might be under your own roof. Our world is full of entertainment, but how much of it truly inspires the imagination? Earbud Theater is an award-winning audio drama podcast run by veterans of the film and television business in Hollywood who set out to show that you could stimulate minds without big budgets and eye candy. They must have been mad to try. MAD.

And now they are bringing their unique blend of the frightening and the weird out of the lair and on to the stage, so you have the opportunity to experience all the thrills in-person. It’s not radio, it’s not theater, and it’s definitely not normal. It’s Earbud Live.

Christopher Addis walked away from the accident that took the life of his brother Paul; but he wasn’t unscathed. Plagued by panic attacks that neither a supportive girlfriend nor a probing therapist can relieve, Chris will go anywhere for answers, do anything to be free of them. This makes him a prime customer for a strange little shop he finds down a darkened street, one that promises to take all his fears away…hold onto your souls and listen to The Sounds Below.

Earbud Theater: Live is produced by On The Edge Theatre Productions. The Sounds Below is written by Nicholas Thurkettle.