Communicating Fear: Podcasts, Periodicals, and Poetry

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  • Classroom #1 (Room 201 A)

    12:00 pm - 01:00 am

    Times subject to change.

International haunted attraction designer and the host of A Scott in the Dark: Periodic Podcasts for Haunters, Scott Swenson, will share his experience with budding podcasters, journalists, and poets who want to focus on the horror genre. Learn how to make your “dark voice” heard in the often-cluttered world of monsters and zombies. Scott will share stories and examples from his podcast, and from the many articles he has written for haunted attraction trade magazines. Learn how he gets his stories and pitches them to the people in charge. He will also do a couple of readings from his three books of dark poetry and prose. Midsummer Scream 2019 marks the release of his latest book, Follow the Story, based on a series of articles he wrote for The Haunt Journal magazine. Signed copies of this new book, as well as limited quantities of his previous books, will be available for sale after the presentation. Don’t miss this rare West Coast appearance!

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