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Frankenstein Your Cosplay: Bringing Your Ideas to Life


  • Classroom #1 (Room 201 A)

    04:30 pm - 05:30 pm

    Times subject to change.

When it comes to cosplay, Reel Guise FX has done a little bit of everything. Rick Grimes and Walker Shane; Eleven and the Demogorgon; Dragpool; and WWE Superstars. It’s not always easy knowing where to start, especially in the beginning stages of early skill development. How can I get the most life out of my idea? My budget? My inability to sew? Hey, even Dr. Frankenstein had to start somewhere! Featuring Reel Guise members David Schoelen, Paul Baum, Shannon McCleerey-Hooper, Robert Youssef, Dylan Colt, and Lisa Colt.


Co-Founder, Reel Guise FX

Co-Founder, Reel Guise FX

Reel Guise FX