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Spirit Board Seminar with the Mystic Museum


  • Classroom #1 (Room 201 A)

    12:00 pm - 01:00 pm

    Get introduced to the supernatural world of the Spirit Board, and its celebrity sibling, Ouija.

Brought to you by The Mystic Museum featuring Erick Yaro Wessel (Mystic Museum owner and collector ) and Mystic Dylan (Mystic Museum psychic medium witch).
In the world of the paranormal one tool seems to stand out the most, the Spirit Board! You’ve seen them, you’ve feared them, you might have even played with them. What secrets do they reveal? How do you use one?
This class will introduce you to the supernatural world of the Spirit Board and its celebrity sibling, Ouija. This class will focus on learning how to receive messages from the other side using the board, the history of Spirit Boards, collecting and what they represent in today’s pop culture. This class will also feature rare boards on display and a Mystic Museum exclusive… an introduction to “Craft or Crap”.


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