Tales From the Fog: So, You Want to be a Haunter? featuring CalHauntS

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  • Podcast Studio

    01:30 pm - 02:30 pm

    Times subject to change

Join Casey and Veronica Nihart as they host a very special edition of Tales From the Fog Podcast as they interview prominent members of CalHauntS, the Southern California-based haunter group (creators of the Tiki Terror portal experience in the Hall of Shadows) about their own individual attractions, and then open up the mic to the audience for a live Q&A with the members of CalHauntS, who will answer everything they can about design, prop-making, techniques, fire code, and more! This is a unique opportunity for curious, new, and veteran haunters to ask questions and get tips from CalHauntS. Sitting on the CalHauntS panel will be: Diane and Preston Meyer, Greg Packard, Guy Myers, Dmitriy Slobodskiy, Shannon Tyra, and Jason Thompson.

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