The Storyteller Effect: Why Immersive, Live and Themed Entertainment Dominate!

Mycotoo has been the leading experience design, production and “top media” company by Inc. 500. with successful projects worldwide including studio theme parks (Motiongate and Bollywood Parks) and award-winning brand experiences (HBO’s SxSW activations for Westworld and Game of Thrones and Netflix’s takeover of Little Italy for The Irishman). Join Mycotoo’s David Wally (Chief Creative Officer) and Bonnie Hallman (Director of Creative) for an hour long conversation on their work as storytellers and how audiences have been invited into vastly different immersive worlds to interact with characters ranging from the Ringmaster and Voodoo Priestess (Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor), a puppeted Mr. Ping at his noodle shop (Universal Studios Hollywood), a raunchy puppet speakeasy opening act (Happytime Murders) and the many hosts of Sweetwater (Westworld SxSW activation).