Tombstone Make & Take

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  • SoCal Valley Haunters (Booth 154)

    12:00 pm - 01:30 pm

    Turn foam insulation into your own tombstone.


  • SoCal Valley Haunters (Booth 154)

    11:45 am - 01:15 pm

    Turn foam insulation into your own tombstone.


Are you tired of dull store-bought tombstones populating your graveyard? Let us teach you how to take foam insulation and turn it into a custom work of Halloween art. You’ll take home your tombstone ready for your own paint job to transform your graveyard from common to creepily unique.  All materials and tools are provided.

NOTE: We are also having a “finisher” class at 5:30-6:30 7/28/19 called “Painting & Aging Tombstones” for $15. If interested, please purchase your ticket for that class as well. Your finished tombstone from that workshop may be wet with paint and can be left at our booth to dry overnight if you are attending Sunday as well (or taken home as completed on Saturday).

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