[mkdf_section_title text_alignment=”center” title_tag=”” title_mark=”” title_separator=”yes” custom_class=”text_shadow” title=”Experiential Activation Registration 2019″ title_color=”#ffffff” title_separator_color=”#ea8f32″]

Midsummer Scream 2019 has a few open spaces within our event space for select additional experiences, such as VR demos, immersive theatre activations, gallery displays, and more.

If you have an experience that may be a fit please fill out the form below.

Note that experiences must be free of charge for guests, and the experience provided at no charge to Midsummer Scream. If a fee to guests must be charged please register as an exhibitor to be considered.

On site experience registration
As it would be listed on the Midsummer Scream program and promotions.
What type of experience is this?
Ie, 20'x20'.
(Any set up must take place between Aug. 1-2.)
(Breakdown must take place on Aug. 4 from 6pm-11:59pm).