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Admission to all attractions in the Hall of Shadows included with every ticket to Midsummer Scream!
August 3 & 4 at the Long Beach Convention Center.

Hall of Shadows 2019

August 3 & 4, 2019 at the Long Beach Convention Center
Only at Midsummer Scream!


Tiki Terror!

Entryway created by CalHauntS.

After walking through a cursed jungle in the Tiki Terror themed entryway created by CalHaunts, shop from our dark tiki market before exploring over a dozen haunted houses, displays, and demos in a massive dark hall, showcasing the talents of Southern California’s best home haunters.

Drunken Devil's Freaky Tiki Bar

Enjoy exotic libations while mingling with some less fortunate island castaways.

Jack's Halloween JamBOOree - Haunted Hunt

Opechee Haunt Presents an an interactive adventure throughout the convention center; visit the Hall of Shadows to take the first steps!

Decayed Brigade Slider Shows

Held several times daily, Decayed Brigade combines physical stunts with theatrical performances. Featuring the best sliders from SoCal’s theme parks and haunted attractions!

Walk-Thru Attractions

Gothic Hills Cemetery
Visit the Fitzroy Mausoleum to uncover the history behind the death of an evil family patriarch.
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The Hyde Street Massacre
Walk through the home of infamous serial killer Otis Hatcher, who made Halloween bloodier than ever.
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Lights OUT Productions Presents: SCREAM QUEENS – The Tribute Experience
Inspired by TV's "Scream Queens", participate during this summer's sorority RUSH!
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Realm of Shadow Presents: Temple of the Fallen God
Enter a recently-rediscovered temple. You may keep all the treasure you can carry out if you survive.
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Phobia Productions Presents: Die Laughing
Enter the big top with your host, T.P. Bottom, where you'll scream! You'll cry! You'll beg for mercy!
Read More Presents: Bone Dry
Mount your saddles and load your holsters. A pack of dead outlaws are rising to reclaim their territory.
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Sinister Valley Presents: Secrets of the Mist
Trek through the Amazon looking for a mysterious ancient temple. All who enter the mist are never seen again.
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Twisted Minds Productions Presents: Salem
Experience the horrific events of the Witch Trials, and what awakens with the rising of the Blood Moon.
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Reichland Asylum
For the first time in 40 years, Reichland Asylum is unsealing the doors of an abandoned hospital wing.
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The Dreich Society Presents: Fear Fest ’89
Travel back to the '80s to visit a horror film festival where the kills have tragically jumped off screen.
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Desert Decay Manor
Step onto the desecrated floors of the manor, where the Killgore family has been trapped within the walls.
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Displays & Demos

Hellsir Cemetery
A visual delight of cobwebbed tombstones and a creepy old crypt
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Rosehill Haunt Presents: Cemetery Celebration
Skeletons perform and waltz to a requiem within the grounds of a cemetery.
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Wicked Pumpkin Hollow
An army of Jack-o’-lanterns flicker, casting a glow on a nostalgic Halloween tableau.
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Halloween Haunter Presents: Monsters of Mayhem!
A working demo of a home-made "classic carnival" dark ride!
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HallowEve Designs Presents: The Black Bayou ScAir Structure
An inflatable and mobile "pop-up" haunted attraction demo. It's an "Instant Haunted House - just add air!"
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