Intro to: Haunt Layout Design Using SketchUp

Instructor: Jason Thompson, The Haunt Store

Location: Classroom A

Are you looking for a quick way to quickly visualize your haunt or yard display layout? Whether or not you’re starting a brand-new haunted attraction, home haunt, yard display, or just wanting to change up your current layout and explore various layouts designs, then Google’s SketchUp application for Mac & Windows is the place to start. In this class, Jay will go over some basic fundamental SketchUp instructions and show you how to use SketchUp for your haunt wall layout. He will show you in real time how to build a small haunted walk-through with standard wall flats, that you can then look at in a 3D world once completed.

Tip: Bring your laptop along with you to follow along and be sure to download Google SketchUp prior to the class to follow along. Jay will pass around a USB with a starter Haunt Wall Kit that you will need to use for this class.