H E R E T I C / P A R A I I E I

A solo experience that allows guests to choose between two paths unaware of what waits for them in the dark. No senses are taken away all will be enhanced when entering the unknown.

T H E  P A R A I I E L,  is a world that exists only for the dead, participants get to choose a corpse and discover how that person died. Guests will become this person and every experience will immerse them in that particular individual’s life. This is a new endeavor for H E R E T I C that will open in 2018 but will also be previewed exclusively @ Midsummer Scream 2017.

H E R E T I C H O R R O R has been in operation since 2013 in Los Angeles CA., the concept came from a true story and death of a close friend to its creative director, Adrian Marcato. Everyone involved with H E R E T I C has been working in the haunt industry for years and for major theme park seasonal haunts such as; Knotts Scary Farm, Dark Harbor, L.A. Haunted Hayride, Halloween Horror Nights.  H E R E T I C, is an underground horror film, you enter unaware what role you play. H E R E T I C, is a year-round horror experience that pays homage to many underground horror films.