Horrors of the Exotic: Tiki and Monster Culture

Bill Rude

Retro Horror artist, Bill Rude, will take you to the dark side of popular tiki culture, to shine a light onto a myriad of mysteries from literature and movies, that influenced how we celebrate exotica today. What is Tiki? What is horror? And why is your local Tiki Bar essentially a year-round haunt?

Prepare yourself for an enthusiastic escapade of fun and adventure, as we track down forgotten gods, brutish Kaiju, merciless savages, and beasts both natural and not – all in the name of tropical leisure.

So head straight past the Black Lagoon, look for the island shaped like a skull, and you’ll know you’ve arrived when you see these words on the map: Here be Monsters!

Check out this teaser Bill Rude made for the presentation: