Randy Powell

Randy Powell studied Graphic Design at Tyler School of Art, and earned an Associates Degree in TV/Film Production at Los Angeles City College. In 1993 after working as a multimedia designer in the aerospace industry, and as a videographer in television news, he worked on the Santa Maria YMCA’s haunted attraction. His design and fabrication work provided a shocking interactive experience for guests waiting to enter the haunt. Upon relocating to San Diego, California, he worked with the “San Diego Museum of Man Haunted Museum.” In its final year of operation, Randy designed half of the scenes, including a sewer set with water features, Igor’s Pet Shop with live “creepy crawly” creatures, a butcher shop with a live half-torso corpse gag (and chainsaw butcher), and Lupo’s Meat Packing Plant, where visitors experienced a spiked drop ceiling.

After his experience with the Haunted Museum of Man, he created designs, for sets and fabricated props for the “Haunted Star of India”, a historical sailing ship, which is part of the San Diego Maritime Museum. In 2009, he transitioned from work in the military/aerospace marketplace to doing exhibit design work for museums, finding many similarities between designing exhibits for education and scenes for haunted attractions. Since that time he has worked for a variety of clients, including the USS Midway Museum, the San Diego Automotive Museum, the San Diego Museum of Art, the San Diego Museum of Natural History, the San Diego Maritime Museum, and a number of haunted attractions, including Monster Manor in San Diego, and the Swank Farms haunted cornfield attraction In Hollister, California.

Randy has also written articles on modeling haunted attraction designs for Haunted Attraction magazine, and has given presentations at HAuNTcon, Death Fest, CalHauntS, and Garage of Evil workshops.