Robert Luther
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From a very early age, Robert Luther was disassembling his toys only to reassemble them. How else was he going to figure out how they worked? As a kid, Robert loved to build things – be it robots, bikes or even furniture! Today, with his two best, most loyal friends by his side, Google and YouTube, he is a builder, a creator, an inventor, an entrepreneur.
Fun fact… Robert met his now wife, Heather Luther, 16 years ago at a haunted house in Orange! Marriage, then three little boys spawned brings them to their 11th wedding anniversary this July. For many years, Robert talked about, planned and designed an extreme haunted house (one among many of his big ideas) all in the comfort of his own brain. He was confident he could combine his skills and knowledge gained from his other businesses including fabrication, auto parts manufacturing, sound design and real estate, to create something amazing. A jack of all trades, Robert clocks in with a comprehensive ability ideal for designing a mind-blowing haunted attraction.
In 2014, Robert and his wife (a long lover of Halloween) began discussions about Heather’s future career and decided it was time to make a life modification. The unassuming couple decided to knock one off of Robert’s bucket list together. At that moment, over a sushi dinner, The 17th Door began to take form.
2015 was nothing short of a (successful) wild ride with extreme highs and extreme lows. Robert plans to once again outdo his toughest competitor… himself.