Midsummer Scream was cancelled in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic, but we didn't want to wait any longer to reveal dozens of the best horror and Halloween shorts that have been submitted over the past two years... so we're making our film festival a stand alone event!

Join us July 10 and 11 at the Frida Cinema, as we reveal the best of the entries, and on Sunday night, the crowning of the best of the best. Curated and produced by HorrorBuzz, this is the Screaming Room Film Festival you won't want to miss.

Limited seating available. Day passes for screening blocks available, separate admission required for special Saturday night screening and Sunday's awards OR purchase a Weekend Pass for admission to everything!

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11:30am-2pm - Short Film Blocks: ``Supernatural Scares`` & ``The Occult``

Theatre #1
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SUPERNATURAL SCARES: Explore the realm of the supernatural through these five metaphysical shorts that will send
unearthly chills up and down your spine.

  • “Canis Lupus”, Director: Ryan Haagen
  • “The Lake”, Director: Joey Greene
  • “Sleep Tight”, Director: Michael Seabolt
  • “The Strong Box”, Director: Hassan El-Amin
  • “Swarm”, Director: Andy Chen

THE OCCULT: Grab your tannis root and black candles, for 6 shorts that pay reverence to the world of the occult.

  • “Ambrosia”, Directors: Brittany Blanton, Shawn Burkett
  • “Father Time”, Director: Thomas Pickering
  • “The Last Supper”, Director: León Landázuri
  • “Niño Doctor”, Director: Sinhué F. Benavides
  • “Wicca Book Chapter 1”, Director: Vahagn
  • “Wither”, Director: Ethan Evans

11:50am-2:20pm - Short Film Blocks: ``A Captive Audience`` & ``Crimes & Passions``

Theatre #2
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A CAPTIVE AUDIENCE: Four short films to keep you trapped in your seat, screaming for more.

  • “Decay”, Director: Jason Perniciaro
  • “The Howling Wind”, Directors: Lorian Gish, Justin Knoepfel
  • “Koreatown Ghost Story”, Directors: Minsun Park, Teddy Tenenbaum
  • “REM”, Directors: Scott Lien, Ryan Jones

CRIMES & PASSIONS: Love can make you crazy. Or in this case it drives five scandalous stories of transgression. Either way, hearts will be racing.

  • “Ad Lib”, Director: Joseph Catté
  • “Bark”, Director: Dani Parker
  • “Cole & Colette”, Director: Matt Boda
  • “EQUILIBRE”, Director: Pat Lafeline
  • “A Mid-Morning Conversation”, Director: Adam Neubauer

2:40pm-5:10pm - Short Film Blocks: ``Happy Halloween`` & ``Anthology of Terror``

Theatre #1
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HAPPY HALLOWEEN: The sinister smile of the Jack-O-Lanters, the smell of autumn in the air, and the whimsical fun of our favorite holiday are here in seven treats that hide a few tricks. 

  • “Go Back”, Director: Matthew Barber, Nathaniel Barber
  • “House Troll Halloween “, Director: Kanja Chen
  • “The Pumpkin Thief”, Director: Tom Hughes
  • “Razor Tail”, Director: Mr. Salad
  • “Scaring Sheri”, Director: George James Fraser
  • “Spellbound”, Director: Amelia Parker
  • “The Axe and the Iron”, Director: Matthew Roseman
ANTHOLOGY OF TERROR: A quartet of terror that will take you on a journey you won’t soon forget. Explore the battle between demons and an atheist, the horrors of war, a toxic desire, and an idea so dangerous it causes death.

3:00pm-5:30pm - Short Film Blocks: ``Art House Horror`` & ``Screaming Rainbow``

Theatre #2
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ART HOUSE HORROR: Beautiful and unsettling, Art House horror presents seven deeply disturbing vignettes that will stay with you long after the lights come up.

  • “ALTITUDE”, Director: Nicole Scherer
  • “Asian She – Competitive Mourning”, Director: Kevin Beauchamp, Mando Lopez
  • “Here & Gone”, Director: AJ Smith
  • “Panic Attack!”, Director: Eileen O’Meara
  • “Skin and Bone”, Director: Riley Cusick
  • “Stalker”, Director: Jean-Christophe Garcia
  • “This is Not Acting, This Is Hell!”, Director: Spider One

SCREAMING RAINBOW: LGBTQIA+ filmmakers present savage yarns of horror to connect us all in the crimson glow of horror. Scream your brains out with pride!

  • “Come In”, Director: Matt Emert
  • “The Last Leaf”, Director: Sia Aleskovskaya
  • “Nightcap”, Director: Nicole De Meneses
  • “What’s Left Inside”, Director: Michael Varrati

7:30pm-10pm - Special Presentation: Soundtracked by LVCRFT and Secret Feature Film Screening!

Theatre #1

Tickets $20 for this special event screening! (or included with Weekend Pass)

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The ghouls from LVCRFT host the evening’s music fueled festivities, and will reveal the finalists and winner of their video competition, with a grand prize including $5000 towards making a brand new music video.

Our secret feature presentation is a rarely-seen ’80s spooktacular TV movie that should be a Halloween staple alongside Hocus Pocus and Trick R Treat, with a soundtrack of October favorites.

11:30am-2:00pm - Short Film Blocks: ``Spooky Stories`` & ``Fantastic Worlds``

Theatre #1
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SPOOKY STORIES: Gather around as we tell 10 spooky stories of frightful delightful fun. Be careful, for one of these creepy tales could follow you home.

  • “Aubergine”, Director: Xanthe Pajarillo
  • “Best Friends ForeBEAR”, Director: Pablo Semper
  • “Cannibal Cat”, Director: Andrew Martin
  • “Don’t Touch”, Director: Craig Low
  • “Hide & Eek”, Directors: Sean Dunn, Courtney Kuethe
  • “In a Better Place”, Directors: E. D. Mead, Kimmie King
  • “Maraña”, Director: Brisa Pamela Sanchez
  • “Portrait of a Lady”, Director: Robin Wang
  • “Timmy’s Party”, Director: Brendan Shusterman
  • “Wally and his Hideously Malformed Wart”, Director: Max Johnson

FANTASTIC WORLDS: We invite you to experience six imaginative yarns that break the barriers of horror, sci-fi, and fantasy. Pantasmagorical horrors await to take you to another world.

  • “The Glitch”, Director: Mateo Baldasare
  • “My Friend the Alien”, Director: Danny Raymond
  • “Once Upon a Time in Florida”, Director: Harrison Carr
  • “The Relic”, Director: J.M. Logan
  • “Rip to the Rescue!”, Director: Paudie Baggott
  • “The Visitors”, Director: Tim McNulty

11:50am-2:10pm - Short Film Block: Best of the Screaming Room

Theatre #2
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BEST OF THE SCREAMING ROOM: A selection of staff and audience favorites from past shorts screened at Midsummer Scream.

“Cemetery Song”, 2019 Director: Michelle Prebich
“A Dark Night at the Wrong House”, 2017 Director: Tyler Meyer
“Derek”, 2019 Directors: Bettina Campomanes, Ellis Senger
“The Devil’s Fire”, 2018 Director: John Santo
“Goodnight, Gracie”, 2018 Director: Stellan Kendrick
“The Green Ruby Pumpkin”, 2017 Director: Miguel Ortega
“How to Be Alone”, 2019 Director: Kate Trefry
“Killer Queen”, 2018 Director: Tony Savero
“The Nightmare Cows”, 2017 Director: Mark Pontrelli
“Nothing Happens”, 2017 Director: Ken Ramos
“Space Trash Bag”, 2019 Director: Jose Casas
“A Tale of a Sassy Little Girl”, 2018 Director: Francesca Nobili
“Trick”, 2019 Director: Elwood Quincy Walker
“We Got a Monkey’s Paw”, 2019 Director: Aaron Pagniano
“Woodland Heights”, 2019 Director: Samuel Gonzalez Jr.
“The Barber’s Cut”, 2017 Director: Mark Brocking
“She Came from the Woods”, 2018 Directors: Erik Bloomquist, Carson Bloomquist

2:20pm-5:10pm - Short Film Blocks: ``Die Laughing`` & ``WTF!?``

Theatre #1
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DIE LAUGHING: Horror and comedy come together in 9 ludicrous tales of blood-soaked laughs and comic atrocities. 

  • “The Beast of Brooklyn”, Director: Patrick J. Reilly
  • “Council House and Violent”, Director: Ross Graham
  • “Horrorscope”, Director: Pol Diggler
  • “How to Make a Garden Omelette”, Director: Robert Wagoner
  • “It Came from the 80’s!”, Directors: Mike Kane, Aaron Ling, Geordey Sherrick, Levi Isaacs
  • “Meat the family”, Director: Javier Méndez Cañada
  • “Miss Final Girl”, Director: Andrea Hays
  • “The Purge “, Director: Clarence Williams
  • “Yarn”, Director: Andrea Hays

WTF???: One of the most popular blocks, this slate of seven stories is curated specifically to make you ask, “What did I just see?” 

  • “Faust”, Director: Marianna Atłas
  • “Inferno”, Director: Joseph Weidlein
  • “JIMI”, Director: Joren Cull
  • “A Nightmare on Sesame Street”, Director: Matthew Rodriguez
  • “Room for Rent”, Director: Fernando Simarro
  • “Stew”, Director: Tommy Hallal
  • “TX – REVERSE”, Directors: Martin Reinhart, Virgil Widrich

11:30am-2:00pm - Short Film Blocks: ``Spooky Stories`` & ``Fantastic Worlds``

Theatre #2
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STALKERS & SLASHERS: They kill because they care. Six stories slice and dice with obsessive glee without stopping until they get their victim. Could it be you?

  • “The Babysitter”, Director: David Hume
  • “OverKill”, Director: Alex Montilla
  • “Santa Baby”, Director: Jonathan Zaurin
  • “Smiling Woman”, Director: Alex Magaña
  • “Swipe”, Director: Niels Bourgonje
  • “The Switch”, Director: Neevon Mohtaji

SPLATTERTOWN: Gore hounds and bloodthirsty film fans rejoice! We have four nasty stories, drenched in blood. Bring your barf bag and plastic poncho, things are gonna get messy.

  • “Bloodshed”, Directors: Paolo Mancini, Daniel Watchorn
  • “Little Willy”, Director: Andrew Bowser
  • “Off Fleek”, Director: Steven Dorrington
  • “What the Spell?”, Director: Krsy Fox

7pm: Awards and Best of Screenings

Festival award winners announced and select films screened.

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