Top 12 Tips to Terror in a Home Haunt

Instructor: Dr. Bill Ramsay (a.k.a.: Dr. TerrorEyes)

Location: Classroom B

Are you looking to have your home become “THAT” house at Halloween? If so, then let Halloween zealot Dr. Bill Ramsay (a.k.a.: Dr. TerrorEyes) provide you with the cure your ailing Home Haunt needs. If you are looking for help, ideas, resources, and guidance on what to do to create terror in your Home Haunt, then let the kind Doctor prescribe his favorite tidbits. His 42 years of Haunt experience may provide the perfect therapy! This class will also provide suggestions about creating props and decorations for your creepy abode. Resources, support and networking sites dedicated to Halloween enthusiasts and Home Haunters will be shared. Dr. TerrorEyes will help attendees find inspiration and tools to transform their home into a terror-ific Home Haunt worthy of the talk of the neighborhood. Additionally, course attendees will also be eligible for his several door prize drawings.