Awaken the Spirits! will feature over 200 spooky vendors, live entertainment, and a presentation stage where fans will learn what’s in store for Halloween 2021 from the likes of LA Haunted Hayride, Delusion, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Winchester Mystery House, and others.
Additional presentations, guests, and surprises to be announced!

August 14-15, 2021 at the Pasadena Convention Center

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Awaken the Spirits! will sell out!

  • Single Day General Admission (Saturday or Sunday)

    • General Admission
    • Saturday 11am-7pm or
    • Sunday 11am-6pm
  • $ 25
  • Weekend General Admission

    • General Admission for Two Days
    • Saturday, August 14 and Sunday, August 15
    • 11am-7pm Saturday, 11am-6pm Sunday
  • $ 40
  • Phantom VIP Pass

    • Weekend Admission
    • One Hour Early Entry Both Days:
    • 10am Saturday, August 14
    • 10am Sunday, August 15
    • Exclusive VIP Phantom Pass hard credential
    • Priority entry for panels and presentations
    • Limited edition “Phantom” soft enamel pin
    • Limited Quantities Available!
  • $ 75

Awaken the Spirits! t-shirt designed by Austin Pardun

Limited quantities will be available at the event for $25-$30 each! Designed by Austin Pardun.

Can I use my Midsummer Scream ticket for Awaken the Spirits!?


Awaken the Spirits! is an entirely different event a different venue and ticketing service and pricing levels. (Tickets to Awaken the Spirits! are lower that the list price of Midsummer Scream tickets).

However, if your funds are low, we are still honoring refunds for tickets to Midsummer Scream. If you still have tickets for the event, you can obtain a refund by clicking here. Do note that prices for tickets to Midsummer Scream will be higher next year, so if you’re planning to attend, you’ll be saving money by holding onto them!

Will there be tickets for sale at the door?


We anticipate the event selling out prior to our event days, but if tickets are available we will be selling them at the door. 

Can I dress up or wear a costume and makeup?

Cosplay and costumes and makeup are absolutely encouraged!

Please note our policy on prop weapons.

What Is The Prop Weapon Policy?

No prop firearms of any kind are allowed inside the Pasadena Convention Center. No metal swords, axes, chainsaws, or anything with a sharp edge, pointy tip, or that is blunt and heavy (i.e. a wooden or aluminum baseball bat) that could cause harm.

If your cosplay weapon does not fit the safety guidelines you will not be able to bring it into the convention center. Our staff and security have full discretion to deny entry to anyone carrying a prop weapon they deem unsafe for any reason.

This policy is strictly enforced as safety is a priority for our guests.

Do children get in free?

Infants 12-months and under will be admitted free of charge; all other guests regardless of age will need paid admission.

Is there a preferred hotel for the event?

Yes. The Hilton Pasadena, located a short walk from Pasadena Convention Center, has a limited number of discounted rooms starting at $159 for Awaken the Spirits! attendees. Click here to book a room!
Hotel info: Hilton Pasadena
168 S. Los Robles St.
Pasadena, California, 91101
+1 626 577 1000

Visit Hotel Website

Can I Bring My Camera To Take Photos And Video?

Yes, non-commercial photography and video is allowed throughout Awaken EXCEPT for select presentations and performances that will advise prior to the start or entry. Respect any vendor, guest, or other individuals who indicated they do not wish to be photographed.

You may not sell any photos taken at Awaken the Spirits! except at the permission of the event producers.

Please do take lots of pics and post them on social media with the hashtag #midsummerscream and #awakenthespirits .

How is Awaken the Spirits! different from Midsummer Scream?

Scale, content and capacity of venue.

Awaken the Spirits! will maintain the “spirit” of Midsummer Scream, with hundreds of vendors, a large gorgeous theatre for Halloween industry professionals can revealed their 2021 plans,speakers and guests ranging from horror celebrities to haunted attraction professionals, make-up demos, education, and more.

But due to a variety of factors, including the space available in the venue, certain features such as the Hall of Shadows, Black Cat Lounge, and other staples of Midsummer Scream can’t be replicated.

Why is this event taking place instead of Midsummer Scream?

Because of the uncertainty of large event restrictions due to the pandemic, as well as venue constraints, we had to cancel Midsummer Scream 2021.

As it became clear large event gatherings were going to be allowed by the state more quickly than anticipated, we jumped at the chance to do something in MSS fashion to bring the community together and do what MSS does-kick off the Halloween season. So though Awaken won’t be as massive in scope, it will be filled with fun, community and our dark and creative hearts.

Do I need to be vaccinated or wear a mask?

As of Thursday, July 22 the City of Pasadena requires all people, regardless of vaccination status, to wear mask indoors at public spaces including the Pasadena Convention Center.

We expect all guests attending Awaken the Spirits! to follow these guidelines or not attend the event. Guests who violate this guideline will be required to leave without a refund.

We also encourage all guests to get vaccinated prior to attending the event.

Be advised that if the State of California or City of Pasadena creates stricter rules around masks, social distancing, vaccination (including providing proof of vaccination), all attendees to Awaken the Spirits! will be required to follow any updated guidelines or rules.

What is the ticket refund policy?

Refunds for tickets to Awaken the Spirits! are available, minus ticketing fees, up until Saturday, August 7, 2021. For a refund please email creepyla@gmail.com — include your order number, and name and email used placing the order.

I can't find my tickets! How can I retrieve them?

You can access all tickets ordered under your email by clicking here. If you did not set up an account upon your initial purchase, you will be asked to do so to access your tickets. If you’re still unable to find your tickets, please send an email to creepyla at gmail dot com with the name and phone number you ordered your tickets under, ticket number, or any other info that may help us retrieve your tickets.

How can I contact you with questions or issues?

Please email creepyla@gmail.com with any questions or issues.

While we try to respond to messages sent through social media, we can not guarantee a response.

When contacting us please provide as much info as possible – for example, if a ticketing issue, include your ticket number, email tickets were ordered under, etc.

Awaken the Spirits! will feature a “pop-up” style dark market of over 200 spooky vendors.
From horror collectibles, to props and effects for haunted attractions, to gothic apparel, and more, our show floor will offer plenty for anyone from haunt pros to horror fans to those who live Halloween every day.

Participating vendors to be announced soon. Click below for more info if you have merchandise or services that would like a presence at Awaken the Spirits!

Be the first to be notified of exclusive and limited ticket discounts, news on special guests, appearances, and other tricks and treats!

7 Hells – The Art of Bill Rude

8631 Adornments


Abnormal Artistry

Abyssmal Entertainment


Amby Scissorhands

Andy Sciazko Art

Angel of Death Creations

Artist Abe

AshAboveSoBelow Alchemy

Asylum Zone

Awaken! Shirt Distribution

B-Movie TV

Backstitch Bruja

Bat In Your Belfry

Bats and Body

Ben Russel, Artist & Illustrator

Bewitched Wicker

Black Soul Brushes

Black Thorn

Black Willow Gallery

Bone Yard Effects, Inc


Bun in the Coven

Caffeinated Coven Co.

Caitlin McCarthy Art

Calaveras y Diablitos/Timeless Terrors

Capture Aural Phantasy Theatre

Carrie Anne Hudson Art

Cartel Ink

Castle Dark

Cheltenham Road

Chris and Jane’s Place: Zombie Gnomes

Coalition to Preserve Halloween

Colorful bones-lovstruk


Coolsville, USA / Spitfire Interiors


Creepy Collectibles

Crescent City Tarot

Cursed Creatures

Dark Delicacies

Dark to Decor

Darkside Decor

Dead Girl Designz

Deadly Darling Nightshades

Decayed Brigade

Discount Cemetery

Disjointed Joy

Double Trouble Apparel

Drew Rausch’s One Stop Spooky Shop

DRKLGHT Clothing

Dulce Calaveritas

EctoXo (We Simply Rule)

Edge of the World Art Studio

Embrace the Weird

Fear Farm

Fearsome Figures

Feral Cat Candles

Fiendish thingies

Fog It Up! Featuring Antari

Force of Nature Productions

Frightful Fox Productions

Froggys Fog

Funeral Classics


Ghoulish Bunny Studios

Ghoulish Productions

Ginnakae Illustration

Girl in the Graveyard


Glam Goth Beauty



Haunted Memories Changing Portraits

Haunted Orange County

Haunted Walls



Hella Kreepy/Icky Pop

Hellflower Soap Company

Hilary’s Vanity

Holy Hangman

Horrible Imaginings Film Festival

Horror Writers Association

Hot Wire Foam Factory

HumAlong Productions


Immortal Masks

Inferno Effects LLC

Insane Haunt Productions

Intruder Escape

Jerika Madnik Design

JoceBoss Boutique


Killer Klowns from Outer Space Composer, John Massari

Kira’s Lil Shop Of Horror

Kneehigh Horror

Konjure Kreations


Kurtis Rykovich

Kyla’s Keepsakes

La Chica Arte

LA Haunted Hayride

Le Bownitte By Beatrice

Light Up Masks

Little Ghouls

Little Haus of Horrors

Little Munsters BOOtique

Lively Ghosts

Local Boogeyman

Los Angeles Crafts

Love Pain and Stitches

Lucky Hellcat Art

Luna Cloth


M&M Bath & Body

Madame Whiskers

Madness FX LLC

Maggie Love Was Here


Maricela Aviña

Mary Syring

Matt Makes Zac Watch Horror Movies

Me Shell Graphics

Memento Mori Goods

Monster Plushies

Monster Posse

Monster Tease

Mood Poison

Morbid Empire Merchandise

Morbid Kulture


Mortus Viventi



Mystic Dylan & The Olde World Emporium

Mystic Museum

Never Relaxed

Nightmare Toys

Nitecrawlher Art

No Mercy 3 Visions

Oddball Books & Posters

Other Realm Designs


Peepshow Menagerie

Petals & Poison

Philip Friedman

PinHead Monsters

Plague Rat Products

Play It By Fear

Pocket Full of Posiez

Poltergeists and Paramours

Poppy Hollow / Kara Walker


Project13 Creatures

Psycho Coffins

Purgatory Candle Co

Rags to Witches

Rattlehead Crafts

Reign of Terror

Resident Evil Village cast

Rock N Horror



Save The Panduhs

Scream 4 Reel Production Studios / Lady Fright’s Emporium

Shadow Work Botanica

Shanti Leonard

Sick Soaps

Sin City Props

Southland Ghostbusters


Spooky Baby

Spooky Jack’s Skullery

Steeling Pompeii by Krisjan Klenow

Stephies Doodles



Sweet Midnight

Sweet Siren Designs

Tee No Evil

The Art of Jordan Monsell

The Art of Sam B

The Art Of Sammy Ruiz

The Art of Sketch

The Best Little Horror House

The Bloody Syringe

The Bunker Experience

The Contrary Dame

The Crafter Squad

The Dos Feratu

The Fester Monsters

The Gloomy Cottage

The Grey Phantom Designs\Experience

The Grimm Life Collective

The Horror Corner

The Past You’ve Never Seen

The Pretty Cult

The Texas Chainsaw Museum

The Zombie Factory

Titans of Terror

Trick or Treat Studios

Unwrapped Art, LLC


Velvet Apparition

Warflord Clothing

Western Video Ent.


Wicked Moon Creations

Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre

Zombolina’s Cabinet of Curiosities