Beetle House offering IN CHARACTER food delivery!

The Tim Burton inspired restaurant, Beetle House, won’t just be delivering food during the Los Angeles “shelter in place” shutdown: they’ll be sending their characters and performers to your door.

“Since you guys can’t come to use, we’re bringing the show to you,” said owner/founder Zach Neil in a Facebook video this week. The delivery program begins in Los Angeles today, Friday, March 20 based out of their Hollywood restaurant. Their flagship New York location kicked off the program yesterday just as the city was also being hit with mandated closures of sit-down eating at restaurants.

“Our very talented characters, entertainers, actors, contortionists, you name it, will be bringing the show to you,” he explained. “We are sending our very talented people to bring you a song and a dance and some entertainment and a cheer up number right to your door.”

Food and refreshment options include a full menu of custom cocktails, appetizers, entrees, and desserts, as well as packages for special occasions, including a birthday package that comes with balloons and Halloween decorations.

They’ll even bring toilet paper for $5 a roll per pack*, and starting next week, custom branded hand sanitizer.

A special hotline number has been set-up for the in-character deliveries: 323-952-6200. Per policy, entertainers won’t enter homes or apartments, and will be using sanitizer, respirator masks, and gloves to ensure for a safe delivery.

*Updated with new information.