Master Creature Makers: From Dinosaurs to Fantasy Worlds

On Sunday July 30, Midsummer Scream proudly presents a timely discussion in the Terrace Theater with well-known creature makers who are respected in their fields, from theme parks to the silver screen. Jeff Tucker of 91 Reasons Podcast will be joined on stage by creature designer and filmmaker Kirk R. ThatcherErich Grey Litoff, Co-Founder of the Stan Winston School of Character Arts; legendary animatronics designer/builder Garner Holt of Garner Holt Productions; and John Criswell, Animatronic Supervisor at Jim Henson’s Creature Shop. The group will discuss the use of practical creature effects in film and theme park environments, and the challenges they face passing their craft along in an increasingly-digital world; a hot topic in film, television, and themed entertainment that artists and fans are very passionate about.