Terri Hardin

Terri Hardin, known as Walt Disney’s Legendary Imagineer is responsible for creating Disneyland Paris’s Big Thunder Mtn and the Dragon’s Lair attractions and the Splash Mtn. attraction in Tokyo. Her company, Terri Hardin Designs,Inc. sculpts proto-types and custom artwork for anyone needing someone to turn their vision into reality. A world renowned artist, author, Henson Puppeteer and International speaker, Terri tours all over the world sharing her stories of Imagineering and working with Jim Henson encouraging others to strive to work at what they love to earn a living. She has appeared in over 43 films and TV including Ghostbusters, Men in Black and Dinosaurs. She is also a pumpkin sculptor.

She will be on the panel “The Dark Art of Puppeteering” speaking about how film and television puppetry is different from live puppetry and how CG is not the end of the world for puppets. Terri will also be doing demos at her booth on how you can create 3-D sculptures to wear and enhance your costume or how to build lightweight creatures to make you truly stand out on Halloween.