Erick Yaro Wessel

Erick Yaro Wessel is co-owner of the Mystic Museum and Bearded Ladies Vintage & Oddities. He has been featured on Storage Wars, British Treasure American Gold and numerous paranormal networks. Erick grew up fascinated with supernatural events often visiting local known haunted locations in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. He became fixated on antiques due to the history and energy that came from their origin. After witnessing a ghostly event working late one night, he knew life was a lot more interesting with the existence of the paranormal. He now dedicates his life to the mystic and the strange which can be seen in the collections and eclectic decor of his shops. He says The Mystic Museum was created to both mystify and educate. You will have an eye-opening experience into the Occult, Witchcraft Ouija and more by visiting the shops.